Interview with Roderick Frazier Nash

Wilderness and the American Mind

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Wilderness and the American Mind - Roderick Frazier Nash

In this episode, I am pleased to bring you the prominent American Wilderness historian and writer, Roderick Frazier Nash. He is often regarded as the father of environmental history. His widely acclaimed book, Wilderness and the American Mind, first released in 1967 and currently in its 5th edition, is a cornerstone of American conservation and environmental literature. Dave Foreman calls it “the book of genesis for conservationists”. I couldn’t agree more. It is a continual source of reference in my life.


Many of you are already familiar with Roderick and Wilderness and the American Mind and he needs no introduction. Perhaps you read his book in an environmental ethics course in college. To those of you who are not yet acquainted, I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of the 5th edition. It is indispensable in its utility, prospective and historical storytelling.


The ability to look back on events and movements in our country provides invaluable context. The current environmental political landscape is daunting and frustrating at times. Nash reminds us that we have been here before. By studying the struggles of the past, we are more adept at confronting the challenges of the present day and perhaps to find some hope.


Fifth Edition of Wilderness and the American Mind

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