Ep. 044 - Wilderness Compositions

Wilderness Podcast episode with musician Stephen Wood

Wilderness Compositions | Stephen Wood | Stephen Wood Music | Ep. 044

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Stephen Wood - Wilderness Composer

Release Date: December 27th, 2020

In this episode I interview Stephen Wood, a self-described “Wilderness Composer”. We talk about his childhood, what it means to be a wilderness composer, translating his wilderness experiences into music, his time spent in Montana writing compositions and his many residencies across the country. Stephen plays parts of his compositions for us inspired by his visits to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in George and the Siuslaw National Forest in Oregon and walks us through what he was feeling when writing his pieces. We also discuss appreciating wilderness and drawing upon our wilderness experiences throughout our lives.

About Stephen

Stephen Wood is a Wilderness Specialist, musical composer, and educator with a holistic view of the world.  Stephen has an interest for the profound social constructs found in wilderness philosophy and legislation.  


New to SAWS in 2020 Stephen is working on Georgia’s Chattahoochee N.F. developing Baseline Wilderness Character Monitoring (WCM) Reports for Brasstown, Mark Trail, Raven Cliff, and Blood Mountain Wilderness Areas.  

Stephen’s current position in wilderness management has come through an interesting path combining musical inspiration with wilderness outreach.  As a Wilderness Composer, Stephen has traveled the United States in search of inspiration from our country’s wildest places. Public lands artist residency programs have developed a deep connection with Wilderness.  To learn about Stephen’s wilderness composing adventures and hear his music visit www.stephenwoodmusic.com.


Extended wilderness education include SAWS’ Wilderness Skills Institute and U. of Montana’s online graduate course “Managing Wilderness Ecosystems”.  Stephen is trained in Wilderness First Aid and Leave No Trace.  


In his free time Stephen enjoys chess, growing vegetables, and exploring the world with his wife, Lauren, and their new daughter, Josephine Phyllis Ntemeyem.  

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