Gray Wolf Delisting

Wilderness Podcast episode with Amaroq Weiss

Gray Wolf Delisting | Amaroq Weiss | Center for Biological Diversity | Ep. 041

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Amaroq Weiss - Center for Biological Diversity

Release Date: October 30th, 2020

Breaking News! On October 29th, the gray wolf lost protection under the Endangered Species Act. In this episode, I speak with Amaroq Weiss, Senior West Coast Wolf Advocate with the Center for Biological Diversity about this news and more. We talk about the history of delisting, the assault on the underlying science, public opinion towards wolves, cultural attitudes, mass wildlife killing programs sponsored by the federal government, regional recovery status, state wildlife agency attitudes, emotionally connecting with wolves, next steps in the courts, Amaroq’s background and all about the Center for Biological Diversity.

About Amaroq

A biologist and former attorney, Amaroq has worked in wolf conservation for 23 years. In her work for the Center for Biological Diversity, she focuses on wolf recovery and protections in California, Washington and Oregon, and at the federal level.

Previously she has worked for the Mexican Wolf Conservation Fund, California Wolf Center and Defenders of Wildlife on wolf conservation policy, litigation strategy and on-the-ground efforts on the West Coast, northern Rocky Mountains, Alaska and the Southwest.

Amaroq was a stakeholder/advisor to Oregon and California state wildlife agencies as they developed their state wolf conservation and management plans. She is an annually-invited speaker at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, Speak for Wolves and Sedona Wolf Week; and is frequently interviewed by print journalists and for public radio.  

Amaroq has given countless public presentations on wolves and has been a contributing writer and editor on multiple publications including:

  • Making Room for Recovery: The Case for Maintaining Endangered Species Act Protections for America’s Wolves.

  • Social and Ecological Benefits of Restored Wolf Populations.

  • Places for Wolves.

  • Places for Grizzly Bears.

  • Livestock and Wolves: a Guide to Nonlethal Tools and Methods to Reduce Conflicts.

  • Journal articles for International Wolf magazine.

  • Numerous Op Eds published in the Seattle Times, Sacramento Bee, San Jose Mercury News and the Oregonian.  

Her work is referenced in several books on wolves including a featured chapter of the book Wolf Nation.  She appears in two documentaries about California’s first known wolf in 87 years, “OR7 – The Journey” and “The OR-7 Expedition” and a documentary on international wildlife protection efforts, “On the Wild Side”.

Amaroq lives in Petaluma, California, with her husband Terry and their two wondrous, bossy Siberian huskies, Miranda and Taiga.

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