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Wilderness Podcast's mission is to spread contextual awareness surrounding wilderness issues and ideals by helping to facilitate a more in-depth appreciation through long form interviews with subject area experts.

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Roadless Rules! | Gary Macfarlane & Katie Bilodeau | Friends of the Clearwater | Ep. 045

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A passion project about Wilderness the place and wilderness the idea...

Wilderness Podcast is a passion project about wilderness and wild places, where I am attempting to tell the story of wilderness both past and present. In this program you will find a heavy focus on public lands and our National Wilderness Preservation System, but it also seeks to expand the scope of wilderness beyond distant landscapes.


The idea for this podcast came about after observing a growing public fascination and interest in the subject of wilderness. As more people become familiar with our public lands and wild places, the importance of meaningful, thought-provoking discourse has never been so crucial. This podcast is for everybody; from the enthusiast, to the wilderness newbie and everyone else in between. Most episodes are done interview style, where I talk with interest area experts about the history, ethics, people, wildlife and places that embody and epitomize wilderness ideals.


From national political issues like Bears Ears National Monument, The Tongass and the Gallatin Range. To broader subjects like the American Environmental Movement, the Wilderness Act and Art History. To people like Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, John Muir, Robert Marshall and Teddy Roosevelt. To environmental issues like climate change, public lands grazing, native fish and predators. To social issues like Leave No Trace and the impacts of social media on our wild places. I hope you will subscribe and follow along. Thanks for listening!

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Gary Macfarlane - Friends of the Clearwater

Katie Bilodeau - Friends of the Clearwater

Release Date: January 17th, 2020

In this episode I speak with Gary Macfarlane, Ecosystems Defense Director and Katie Bilodeau, Staff Attorney with the Friends of the Clearwater in Idaho. We talk all about roadless areas, their history, RARE I, RARE II (Roadless Area Review and Evaluation), fractures in the wilderness community over RARE II, the National Forest Policy Act, the influence of industry on roadless areas, the nitty gritty of the Clinton 2001 Roadless Rule, state specific roadless rules, loopholes in the Roadless Rule, all about the new Friends of the Clearwater Roadless Report for Idaho and Montana, duplicity in the Forest Service on what constitutes protections, out of control and accelerating timber extraction and why we must begin taking roadless lands protection seriously.

About Gary

Gary has nearly 40 years of activist experience in Idaho and Utah and is very familiar with Forest Service policy. He has been recognized as one of the most effective activists in the northern Rockies, and was a recipient of the Alliance for the Wild Rockies Conservation Award in 1997. Gary holds a B.S. degree from Utah State University’s College of Natural Resources.

About Katie

Katie Bilodeau, seen here with her adorable dog Ivy on a very rainy hike, is the staff attorney for Friends of the Clearwater (FOC). She contributes to FOC's forest-watch program by analyzing and commenting on proposed agency projects and plans for the Wild Clearwater Country of North-central Idaho. She also identifies and researches policy issues, analyzes Freedom of Information Act responses, and conducts some of FOC's pre- or post-project monitoring. Katie is licensed to practice law in Washington and Idaho, and earned her juris doctor from the University of Idaho College of Law with emphases in Native American law and natural resource and environmental law. Before attending law school, Katie received a Master of Science in Water Resources from the University of Idaho. She has an undergraduate Bachelor of the Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame.

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