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Welcome to Wilderness Podcast

Wilderness Podcast's mission is to spread contextual awareness surrounding wilderness issues and ideals by helping to facilitate a more in-depth appreciation through long form interviews with subject area experts.

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A New Film by Wilderness Podcast

Ep. 030

Release Date: April 2nd,  2020

Wilderness in Name Only | Katie Fite | WildLands Defense | Ep. 030

Katie Fite - WildLands Defense

In this episode, I speak with Katie Fite, Director of Public Lands with WildLands Defense. We talk about the disastrous new Malheur/Owyhee Wilderness Bill (S. 2828) proposed in Oregon and its failings (releases over one million acres of wilderness-suitable lands to multiple use!), the original Owyhee Bill in Idaho and eerie parallels, the livestock industry and their grip on public lands management decisions, the destructive nature of cows and livestock on fragile high desert and canyon ecosystems, the abysmal state of the Wilderness movement and the shortcomings of the organizations at the helm, the Federal Lands Management Policy Act, The Wilderness Idea and inspiring a wilderness ethic in land management across the board. 

"The new Malheur Bill in Oregon, really elevates the power of ranchers in public lands management decisions and that’s a significant problem. What the land needs is fewer cows or no cows altogether. Everything gets overrun with cheatgrass and is degraded. It just becomes a very, very bleak landscape." - Katie Fite

Take Action Through Wilderness Watch! Tell Senator Wyden and Senator Merkley to Oppose Bill S.2828

Click Here ----> https://wildernesswatch.salsalabs.org/s2828/index.html

WildLands Defense Website


For an in-depth look at livestock industry “capture” of public wild lands. 


Katie's CounterPunch articles on the Oregon Malheur/Ohywee Bill:



See all of her articles here:


More Reading on the Oregon Malheur/Ohywee "Wilderness" Bill...

George Wuerthner



Andy Kerr




Katie Fite's Bio

Director of Public Lands

Katie Fite brings over 30 years of on-the-ground experience to WildLands Defense’s advocacy. Katie has monitored public ground across much of the West–from Modena to the Modoc to Mcdermitt, the Lemhis to Little Blue Table to the Little Lost to Leslie Gulch, from Jarbidge to Jump Creek to Jim Sage, the Pahsimeroi to the Pancake Range, Calico Mountains to Castleford–working to ensure the land is valued and protected by the anti-environmental bureaucrats at BLM and Forest Service than arguably any other single person in the Western United States.

A passion project about wilderness the place and wilderness the idea...

Wilderness Podcast is a passion project about wilderness and wild places, where I am attempting to tell the story of wilderness both past and present. In this program you will find a heavy focus on public lands and our National Wilderness Preservation System, but it also seeks to expand the scope of wilderness beyond distant landscapes.


The idea for this podcast came about after observing a growing public fascination and interest in the subject of wilderness. As more people become familiar with our public lands and wild places, the importance of meaningful, thought-provoking discourse has never been so crucial. This podcast is for everybody; from the enthusiast, to the wilderness newbie and everyone else in between. Most episodes are done interview style, where I talk with interest area experts about the history, ethics, people, wildlife and places that embody and epitomize wilderness ideals.


From national political issues like Bears Ears National Monument, The Tongass and the Gallatin Range. To broader subjects like the American Environmental Movement, the Wilderness Act and Art History. To people like Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, John Muir, Robert Marshall and Teddy Roosevelt. To environmental issues like climate change, public lands grazing, native fish and predators. To social issues like Leave No Trace and the impacts of social media on our wild places. I hope you will subscribe and follow along. Thanks for listening!

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